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about-page-image.jpgFounded by Venivia Arnold (LE, LEI, ITEC, CIDESCO), The Skin Institute of Atlanta is the premier post-graduate academy for estheticians and cosmetologists. Focusing on post-graduate classes, advanced skincare education, and business workshops, The Skin Institute of Atlanta provides an unparalleled professional learning experience for students, licensed professionals, and instructors. All educators teaching at the facility are properly licensed or official representatives sponsored by major skincare lines or beauty brands. Attendants can rest assured that they are learning from the best instructors that are committed to quality education.


Post-Graduate Education includes a variety of exciting subjects such as Brazilian Waxing, CBDs in Esthetics, Dermaplaning, and Oncology Skincare.  Live, virtual, and private classes are available, allowing attendants to choose the format that best suits their learning needs.  Training manuals, kits, and lifetime training support are included with each class.  Upon successful completion of a class, an official Certificate of Training will be provided allowing attendants to confidently display their achievement and immediately begin practicing newly obtained skills on clients.

Advanced Skincare is provided by external vendors such as ClearChoice Skincare, Prana SpaCeuticals, Image Skincare, Lira, and Danné Montague-King (DMK), just to name a few. Classes that address Anti-Aging Techniques, Hyperpigmentation Solutions, and Acne Prevention Methods are offered multiple times throughout the year. These classes provide professionals with the chance to learn about innovative skincare ingredients, products, and protocols. Training manuals, samples, kits, support, and certificates of training are provided at the discretion of the educator for each skincare line.

Business Management workshops are provided exclusively through the Mentoring Mastermind Series. Business Planning, Financial Management, Social Media Strategy, and Career Mapping (tailored specifically to estheticians and cosmetologists) are some of the key subjects that are covered in these highly interactive sessions. Additionally, the opportunity to network and learn from other professionals is an added bonus.

In addition to classes and workshops, The Skin Institute of Atlanta is also an official distributer for many professional esthetics supplies, including the industry favorite - Esthetician’s Choice. Professional supplies, as well as registration for classes and workshops can be completed online at