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Brow Code e Color Tints

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Browcode Tints can last 2-4 days on skin and 2-4 weeks on hair. For EYELASHES & EYEBROWS

The MM Method of Brow Styling is to wax first, tint after and wipe off with a dry cotton (no water) the client will wash the remaining off that night. video.
Browcode tint needs to stay on the client 10 mins or longer until it oxides or turns black as seen in the videos.

Here are some tips for using the Browcode Tint for staining the skin:
-Do not use any products before applying the tint.
-Mixture should be more tint paste than developer and thick for application. If your application is runny, add more tint paste
-Leave the tint on the brows for at least 10 mins or longer, when the tint turns black it is ready for removal.
-Remove tint with a clean 2x2 and DO NOT USE WATER for the removal.
-Browcode has tutorial videos on their IG page showing use with tint applicator (included in the tint box) and then use with a dry q-tip until all of the hair is covered.
-After removing tint do not use any products on the tinted area.
Watch the Browcode Tint Application Video: