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Se-Brazil Coco & Diva Mix - 5lbs Box

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About Coco: Coco is a low-temperature creamy Brazilian-style hard wax perfect for face and full body waxing especially sensitive areas. This wax will adhere to even the shortest hair without leaving a sticky residue on the skin.
Ingredients: Oleorosin (gum rosin), Cera Alba, Cocoa Extracts & Natural Ingredients.

About Diva:This all-natural gel-based hard wax is the "dryer". Diva can be mixed with Coco to speed up the drying time.
Ingredients: Oleoresin, Cera Alba, Honey extracts & natural ingredients
5lb Mix Box: 5 mixed rolls (3 Muffins of Coco & 2 Muffins of Diva) - 15 Coco Muffins Total, 10 Diva Muffins total
10lb Mix Box: 5 Rolls of Coco (25 Muffins) & 5 Rolls of Diva (25 Muffins)
15lb Mix Box: 8 Rolls of Coco (40 Muffins) & 7 Rolls of Diva (35 Muffins)
25lb Mix Box: 13 Rolls of Coco (65 Muffins) & 12 Rolls of Diva (60 Muffins)