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Upload an active esthetics, cosmetology, or business license for access to Professional Pricing!



Brow Code is available for purchase by licensed Estheticians, Cosmetologists, and Salon/Spa Owners!

If you already have an approved professional account with The Skin Institute of Atlanta, click here log into your account. 

If you do have an approved professional account, please follow the steps below: 

1. Click here to create an account online with The Skin Institute of Atlanta.  

2. After successful account creation, Upload a copy of your active professional license (esthetician, cosmetologist, salon/spa owner) by selecting License Upload from the menu bar.  After the license had been successfully uploaded, an email confirmation and an order number will be sent.

3. Your license will be validated within 48 hours.  When your account is approved, you will receive a "COMPLETED" email confirmation.  You are now able to purchase Brow Code products! 

***If difficulties are experienced during the upload license process, please email a copy of the license to with the subject line "Professional License Needs Approval".***