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Hi Venivia,

I recently had a Brazilian Wax client with very coarse, curly hair that I spent over an hour trying to remove. At the end of the service, I noticed that I had lifted skin because I waxed over it too many times. Her skin was extremely red and irritated. And to make matters worse, there were still a few stray hairs! This client complained to management and refused to ever come back to the spa. I feel awful and my confidence is completely shattered. I don't ever want to do another Brazilian again. What should I do?

- Mia, Esthetician from North Carolina

Hi Mia,

It's going to be ok - you are not alone! Many estys have been in this same situation. It takes time to become skilled at Brazilian Waxing. Making mistakes, unfortunately, is part of the process. You must practice, on family, friends, and coworkers every chance you get. Also, find a formal training that will provide the opportunity to get pointers on your technique and also to learn about different wax patterns for different body parts. Lastly, speak to management about shadowing a more experienced esthetician for additional support.

Best of Luck,

- Venivia